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Taking Time to Reflect

Do you ever feel you need to pause and reflect?

In a world where we are always asking ourselves "what's next?" I think it can be equally, if not more, important to look back and ask, "how did that go?".

At work, we run retrospective sessions regularly with our teams to allow us to reflect on the previous week. We share what went well and how we could improve. I find this such a powerful practice, but it's only recently I've begun to embrace retrospectives more personally.

It started with journaling more regularly. I write about experiences or situations I found challenging, and this has helped me understand myself better. Now, I want to extend the retrospective practice to reflect on the activities I do such as, work, fitness and now blogging.

Which brings me to the purpose of this post. I've decided to take a two-week break from writing here. Mainly because I'm taking an overdue holiday, but also to reflect on the experience of writing.

I think these moments to pause for reflection are vital to improving. I'm looking forward to looking back and how it will inform what comes next!