Hi–I’m Oli. I help people build products.

Hello and welcome to my little space on the internet. Here you can find a bit more about me.

I work as a principal product manager at Thoughtworks, a technology consultancy that helps enterprises and technology disruptors build modern digital businesses. At Thoughtworks, I focus on bringing new ideas to market and product management transformation.

I am facinated by trying to understand why things are they way they are; to bring a different perspective; and challenge existing thinking. I use this blog as a place to share what I've learned and sometime just to share my thoughts and progress as I’m trying to figure stuff out.

I believe in PLAYING THROUGHOUT LIFE, trying to experience as much as possible, while learning and growing. I don't always succed, but I try to everyday.

Below are some of the articles and talks I've created over the years. You can also find more on Twitter and LinkedIn.


I’ve been lucky enough to write for some other publications other than my blog. Some of my main contributions have been as follows:

"The challenges of introducing product experimentation - LeadDev".

"10 Ideas To Make You A Better Product Manager - Hackernoon".


I've also been fortunate to speak at several conferences both in the UK and internationally. Not all these talks have been recorded, but here are the ones that were:

"How to build products people care about - Devoxx Belgium".