Hi! I'm Oli

I'm a Product Manger, Consultant and Conference Speaker based in London

Product Manager

I'm a Product Manager at ThoughtWorks with 7+ years of experience helping companies build better products and organisations.

Conference Speaker

I regularly speak at international conferences about topics like product management, business strategy and organisational culture.

My Talks

How to Build Products People Care About

Devoxx Belgium - 2018

In this talk we discuss how an experimental approach to product development will lead to the many small failures that are essential to achieving great outcomes. We share examples from startups and enterprises then explain how you can take a different approach to building products.

How Culture is Key to Sustainable Social Change

ThoughtWorks Away Day - 2018

In this talk I propose an alternative working culture based on three principles for sustainable social change. We take a tour of a number of companies who have embraced these principles, give examples of the practices they use to develop their cultures and explain how they have all achieved positive social change.