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Sticking to Your Principles

"We put our employees first" is a great principle. I'm sure nobody would disagree with this but words are easy, sticking to your principles is hard.

It is in the little decisions, away from the public eye, where you really demonstrate or undermine your principles. In those moments where it's tempting to compromise, you often hear phrases like, "we need the business, we normally wouldn't do this" or "we just need to get this done, I'm sure it will be ok".

But is it ok?

You might get away with it once, maybe twice, but trust me, people will notice. They will see the difference between what you say and what you do. They will judge you on your actions, not your words.

Principles that we suspend during difficult times aren’t really principles. Principles really count when they’re difficult to maintain. The hard work involves being willing to make the tough calls.