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Finding a Purpose for Posting

Over the last six weeks of writing this blog, I haven't put too much thought into selecting the topics I write about. I've just written about what interested me and hoped it would provide value to you as a reader.

Now, after almost thirty posts, I've begun to see a pattern emerge that has given me clarity on my interests and has helped give purpose to my writing. I believe my purpose is:

"To enable others to improve themselves, their organisations and society."

That's a grand purpose, that needs breaking down. I think there are three key areas, which I'm representing using this helpful triangle!

Individuals: To achieve anything, we need to work with ourselves. We need to be high functioning human beings to survive and thrive in the world today. Understanding our own psychology, how to manage our mind, and how to manage our work are all topics that I would like to explore more.

Organisations: To achieve many things, we need to work with others. Finding and fulfilling our individual purpose means improving the way we lead, manage and organise ourselves to work together. I hope by writing on these topics I can play a part in improving how we work.

Products: To achieve some things, we need to know what to do. The right people working together well need to create consumable products or services to release the value they've created. Understanding your customers, market, and how to provide value to them is how you translate the creativity, knowledge and energy of a group of individuals into a consumable product others can benefit from.

These areas are intentionally broad, but they may become narrower over time. For the moment, they give me the scope to continue to explore and learn widely, while also providing a guide for my writing. 

I hope this frame helps you know what you'll find here in future!