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Busy is The Enemy of Productivity

Everyone says they're busy. I thought I was too busy to start this blog, but as it turned out it wasn't so hard to find an hour a day to write. I'm sure you could easily find an hour or more in your day to do what you want as well.

I think if we're honest we all like the idea of being busy, it suggests we are important, indispensable and in demand, but more than that being busy is safe.

We use busy as a crutch to justify why we couldn't make it to the gym, didn't manage to write that blog post or couldn't go to those drinks we didn't want to go to anyway. We kid ourselves that if we are busy, our effort will be rewarded.

The thing is, life doesn't necessarily reward busy.

In the long term life rewards successful prioritisation. It rewards efficiency and productivity. It rewards doing work that matters, not having a full diary.

So let's give up on busy, and start focusing on what matters.